Aarki Review

Introduction to Aarki

Aarki is a converting mobile app marketing company providing united media and creative optimization. They deliver amazing results while using unique machine investigating technology for optimization of performance. As is seen from Aarki review their customer base consists of the leading companies, app developers and advertisers.

Their headquarter is located in Mountain View, California, but there are offices in Yerevan, Beijing, Tokyo, Manila and London.

Aarki Stats

Website: www.aarki.com

Founded in: 2010

Employee count: 50- 200 





Aarki Information for Advertisers

Aarki is a leading mobile ad network which lets advertisers select a wide range of mobile apps or sites to cooperate with. They do it with the aim of finding the most proper match for their services, campaign or brand goals.

Aarki review shows that publishers can also choose special ad campaigns, as well as choose ads which would appear on their apps and sites by category. There are acquisition technologies and contextual targeting for a lower price as well.

The company offers publishing and monetization platform which allows publishers and developers controlling and choosing the ads and getting good profit at the same time.

Aarki Information for Publishers

Aarki review confirms that they suggest upper technologies.  They use various machine and investigation tools in order to determine top performing media placements and creative alternatives for the apps.

These unique and top technologies ensure that your media currency is always spent on the creative that is allegedly to render the ROI and performance you search for.

Aarki Account Help

Contact Aarki by email [email protected]

Careers at Aarki

The company is constantly looking for dedicated professionals to join their team. You can send your CV to the email address [email protected]

Aarki Review

Aaarki has always been a mobile company and not an old one trying to be modern. Status Quo is not for that company.

Aarki review says that the company was founded in a 6×6 cuddy by two guys Sid and Levon who had nothing but their dream and money to maintain them within 3 months. Incredibly but the company became a phenomenon in 6 years already. For today they are an ad platform chosen by thousands of app developers, agencies, top publishers and advertisers throughout the world.

It’s possible to only imagine their possibilities in another six years.

The customers have a chance to use large machine and data investigation to optimize their campaigns.

Using the information with the aim of delivering top results is an upper challenge in today’s rich information environment.

Global data centers of Aarki get over 300,000 requests per second from 13 main exchanges. They use those data with the aim of constructing predictive user models and create target bidding within time frame equal to a second. The outcome is top quality users for a fair cost.

Aarki reviews show they develop top ad creative. They automatically launch thousands of creative modifications according to the constraints you desire. The dynamic creative optimization is used in order to determine top performance creative. The technology ensures that your media receives the top performig creative.

Aarki media customers serve ads which are based on location, host, date, time, date and share of volume thanks to rule-based serving. The customers get top volume of top quality users thanks to machine learning.

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