Adcolony Review

Introduction to Adcolony

AdColony is ane largest mobile ad platforms which has reached over 1,4 billion consumers throughout the world. Its former name is Opera Mediaworks.

Its task is to increase the mobile advertising situations through the top quality user customer experience delivering the best results for publishers and companies on their best sites and apps.

AdColony review shows that it is entrusted by over 85% of the top mobile publishers and Fortune 500 companies. Their unique Instant Play HD video technologies, programmatic marketplace and global performance ad business, richest media formats and wide ad SDK footprint being included to 1000 best apps of the world, show them as really passionate about connecting brands with customers at scope of the most efficient screen of their lives.

AdColony has more than 20 offices worldwide as a wholly owned branch organization of Opera ASA.

Adcolony Stats

Homepage Adcolony:

Founded in: 2011

Employee count: 500-1000 


Adcolony Information for Advertisers

AdColony patronizes the best performing and main chart mobile environments throughout the world for advertisers in order to render virtual experience at scale.

They help customers getting efficient results which are informed by their unique conjunction of creativity, data and technology.

Adcolony Information for Publishers

As is seen from AdColony review they increase your monetization, everything is made by developers for developers.

The customers have a chance to monetize and spread their apps via the top mobile marketing and ad platform.

Premium eCPMs, Fortune 500 advertisers, high fill rates make it possible to increase monetization as high as possible thanks to top quality in-app marketing and mobile monetization platform.

Adcolony Account Help

To get in touch with Adcolony use the following contact form or just read Adcolony FAQ: for advertisers and publishers

Adcolony Review

AdColony is a top video ad network providing brands and advertisers with a loyal and engaged target audience. They also suggest best monetization capabilities for developers and publishers.

AdColony review ensures that they involves their unique technology into their solutions, in particular the Instant Play video ad technologies which are served worldwide across widespread mobile inventory.

They were the first who offered these features in the mobile ad commerce world, that’s why they render blue-chip instant mobile preroll video advertisements no matter what the device type or signal strength is.

The brands and advertisers are offered another self-serve ad solution called AdColony Express. That is a fast and really efficient service which guarantees a very easy video upload and demonstrating possibilities across known world mobile publishers on pay-per-view ground.

As is seen from AdColony review, thanks to their cooperation with the best brands of the worlds, the publishers and vendors monetize their mobile sites and apps and get higher CPMs. They provide SDKs to download for fast integration on the Android and iOS platforms.

The user monetization is encouraged by a unique new Videos-for-virtual-currency™ (V4VC) ™ platform for in-app pay-off.

Their Instant-Paly excludes load time for video ads and ensures brand experience and user engagement across-the-board.

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