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Introduction to AdMob

AdMob is a Google based platform for the monetization of applications with the involvement of highly relevant ads. It is a trusted platform that is preferred by a large number of developers around the world. It allows the users to easily earn money by simply signing up for an account and using the chance of getting fast payment and the highest fill rates.

AdMob Stats

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Founded In: 2006
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AdMob Information for Advertisers

Available for Android and iOS platforms, AdMob offers the customers a tool to stimulate in-app purchases and to promote the apps with cross-platforms. They offer a house ad format that enables to promote other products through customized text or usual ads. The platform figures out the users who are ready to spend and shows them the necessary content while others will see other ads for maximum revenue. Google analytics involvement helps to promote to the right customers, and free cross-promoting enables to promote other apps.

AdMob Information for Publishers (Developers)

AdMob offers its users access to the global demand, flexibility of ads control, and the well-developed mediation service for the increase of one’s revenue. They provide the users with a possibility to include an advertisement seamlessly. Offering several formats, the platform gives its users an opportunity to accept the most appropriate variant, a banner, interstitials, or video ad, and to filter the ads according to personal preferences. One of their offers includes AdMob native ads that would fit into the design of an app. They also allow using other partners ad networks, such as AdColony, Flurry, and InMobi and optimizing the revenue.

AdMob Account Help

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AdMob Careers
As a part of Google Inc., AdMob offers fine career opportunities. They look for motivated people with good ideas who are ready to devote themselves to real goals reaching. There is a range of teams and roles that the employees can try. The people who are interested in building products, expanding businesses or helping to keep the processes going are welcome here and given a large number of opportunities for development.

Editor’s AdMob Review

AdMob is a service founded in 2006 and currently run by Google. It offers the developers and the publishers an opportunity to monetize their applications through the ads provided by a huge number of advertisers. The company works with more than one million advertiser-inventory.

They offer the developers and the publishers relevant ads that would ensure that the customers gain the desired revenue. It was shared by the company that since 2012 they have created for the developers an income of over $1 billion dollars in total. There are more than half a million apps using AdMob, and over a million advertisers all over the world are involved in the platform functioning. The service works not only with the most popular mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, but also with Unity and Cocos2d-x.

Due to the uncomplicated process of joining the service, it is one of the most popular advertising platforms among the developers. It is only required to create a free account and install the SDK in the app. The income is usually created on the CPC basis, and sometimes there is also a possibility of CPM advertising.

They offer their users a technology within a single platform, enabling the observation of app users’ behaviors and getting more purchase. AdMob is very often trusted as a service empowered by Google.

They work on the cross-platform basis, with the most popular mobile platforms, as well as support the most widely used game engines including Unity and Cocos2d-x. Besides, other Google products also contribute to the functionality and performance indicators of AdMob. For example, cooperation with Google Analytics allows to analyze the app performance.

AdMob offers its customers a range of possibilities regarding the monetization and advertising to choose from. They provide the users with banner, interstitial, or video ads, which are easily and seamlessly integrated in the app interface. They have also developed the AdMob native ads that allow the users to show in the app ads from Google advertisers. They can provide App install ads as well as Content ads, according to the customer’s preferences, and the app developers may render them on their own. With the ability to control and filter and the types of advertisements that are shown, AdMob provides even more personalized service to the developers.

There is also a way to promote one’s products using the in-app purchase house ads to grow the IAP revenue or to cross-promote other apps. The service provides its users with a help center, where they can find useful information and with resources for developing the knowledge in mobile marketing and apps development.

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