Adscend Media Review

Introduction to Adscend Media

Adscend Media creates pay-off-based ad solutions for the websites and mobile apps. They help you get higher profit, increase retention and obtain users in over 180 countries. The company was founded in 2009 and as is seen from Adscend Media  review they paid off more than $50 million to their publishers and never missed a single payment.

Their capabilities include:

Paid-off ads (no matter if they need an extra life, stuck on a certain level or just desire to get top feautures) which let users obtain in-app or in-site features, for example download an app, watch a video or fill out a short survey.

User acquisition and advertising which renders best results for all the mobile and web companies thanks to their high-involvement ad and user acquisition capabilities.

Adscend Media Stats


Founded in: 2008

Employee count: 10- 50 


Adscend Media Information for Advertisers

As the Adscend Media  review shows they render value to their advertisers, publishers and users. Since 2009 they create ad capabilities to reward users but not to spam them what is highly appreciated by users.

They have created a domino effect by letting users choose when to interact with an ad. Publishers get higher profit daily and advertisers get better ROI that way. Users get rewards by performing such actions as downloading an app, watching a video or signing up for freebies.

For each completed task user get creatids on in-app or in-site rewards, such as upgrades, gifts cards or virtual currency from the publisher. Thus, the publihsers gets comission and the advertiser obtains a target user.

The ad accounts include detailed reports, account manager, statistics thatlet you decide quickly and increase your ROI to the fullest.

Adscend Media Information for Publishers

The users are monetized with virtual rewards and they keep coming back each day.

Their offer wall allows involving a full monetization capability to your app or site within seconds. You create a new profit stream with the help of letting your users use the power to obtain virtual rewards by filling fulfilling offers like installing both Android and iOS apps, watching videos or filling out surveys etc.

The Adscend Media  review witnesses that publishers accumulate profit from videos, any digital content, eBooks and downloadable files.

Users are involved into fast ad-sponsored offers in order to access your content and you generate your profit from each user who does it.

Non-incent installs by users let you get up to $5 from each download.

Adscend Media Account Help

Contact Adscend Media via their  contact form

In case you have any questions or suggestions, apply to Adscend FAQ for publishers and advertisers:

Careers at Adscend Media

Adscend Media is not a very large but constantly growing company situated in Austin downtown. Millions of people consume their products daily throughout the world. They suggest great benefits, regular team events and group activities, such as office games and entertainments.

Check for the open position on their site and if you feel you must be a part of their team, drop them a line.

Adscend Media Review

Adscend Media unique and innovative ad solutions allow publishers monetizing their users and the advertisers achieving top brand engagements. And users can get rewards from favorite websites and apps.

They work hard to make each of the experiences rewarding.

An amazing number of rewarding solutions let your websites and apps increase retention as well as daily profit and generate eCPM.


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