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Introduction to App2Top

App2Top presents an opportunity for reskinners, developers and publishers that are connected with the reviews and promotion of installs. They help android applications and the games on google play to get higher in the ranking and defend them from negative feedback and competitors’ impact. In general, they provide the developers and publishers to gain control over their apps.

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App2Top Information for Advertisers

App2Top allows its users to promote their apps in Google Play. They can deliver the customers with real stars, reviews, or installs for the promotion of apps. Besides, they offer a possibility of app analytics, which allows to track the app and to control the processes connected with its promotion. The company helps applications to get higher ranking on Google Play.

App2Top Information for Publishers (Developers)

The company offers a possibility for the developers to get their applications higher in the ranking and to attract more users to them. As a result, the developer would become able to get natural downloads, installs, and the ranking by natural users. This would contribute not only to the ranking but also to the revenue that the developer would earn.

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Editor’s App2Top Review

App2Top is a relatively new platform created to help the developers promote android games and apps, rating and reviews, installs and downloads. They work with the promotion of games and applications only in Google Play, which might be seen as a drawback of the service. Another point for consideration for the clients might be housing of the company in Russia, which might cause some concerns.

On the other hand, the service offers motivated application installs that enhance an app ranking in Google Play. The provided by App2Top installs are organic so that the customers do not have to worry about the lost ranking or any security concerns.

Another point of App2Top services is the rating of apps through the stars. The platform can provide as many stars as the customer would ask for. Besides enhancing the ranking of an app, there is also an opportunity of ordering reviews on the site.

At the beginning, the value of positive reviews is reasonably high. At the same time, the company offers a service of an app protection. They could help to keep the spammers, dishonest competitors, and bad users away from the app.

With the system of app analytics, App2Top suggest its users to keep an eye on the events and processes related to the app, and to control the rating and reviews. The customers are able to decide on their own, what would the app rating be after using the service.

In order to promote an app with App2Top, the customers need to sign up for an account and follow easy steps to increase the app rating. To gain the results, it is necessary to add an app to the system, place and order and provide payment. The service provides secure payment system working with Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. This usually runs without any issues.

The statistics of the company show rather impressive results, with over 13,000 promoted app, 700,000 delivered reviews, and 3,000,000 delivered installs. And all this for a rather low price starting at $0,1.

The service also offers its users easy possibilities for contacting in case of any upcoming issues. Their support can be provided to the customers via e-mail or Skype. Unfortunately, there is no option of instant online chat service, but it might be possible to access the page in the social network and perhaps to contact the founder in this way. The company is also present on Twitter, and the users might have a chance to read some facts about the company or some interesting there from time to time. Anyway, as for a relatively new company, they are showing good results.

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