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Introduction to AppBrain

AppBrain is a source offering its clients information about android apps. The project was developed by AppTornado GmbH. With the extensive experience in the software engineering as well as the mobile application development and the mobile ad space, the project’s main goal is helping the users to discover new apps and install them as well as assisting the developers by the monetization of their applications and increasing their ranking.

AppBrain Stats

Homepage AppBrain:

Founded in: 2009

Employee count: 1-10 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



AppBrain Information for Advertisers

AppBrain offers solutions for the promotion of Android applications. Their system includes pay-per-install promotion that tends to enhance app installs and reach new users. Their system allows to customize the campaign based on the preferred region. The platform offers non-incentivized installs from the users interested in an app. They allow to promote an app to the right target users and to track the activities in real time.

AppBrain Information for Publishers (Developers)

The AppBrain SDK provides the app owners with interstitials and banners with high eCPM that allow to earn more money with an app. The system would show free apps that might be of interest to users, and the more users would click on an app and install it, the more the app developer earns. The earned money are paid on the monthly basis. Besides, there is an analytical tool providing the statistics for the users to keep aware of the processes.

AppBrain Account Help

Contact: [email protected]

Knowledge Base URL:

Editor’s AppBrain Review

AppBrain is recognized in the market as a leading app advertising and promotion company. While it specifically works for Android market only, the company is showing rather good results in what they are doing.

They have developed a unique pay-per-install system of app promotion that helps the developers and the publishers to increase the chances of an app to become highly valued and get the highest ranking possible. Their main goal is expanding the reach capabilities of the new apps and to help the developers to increase their business in an easy and efficient way.

With the system of Cost-Per-Install (CPI) pricing, the company’s customers only pay for the actual installs and not for the clicks or impressions. The service offers promotion campaigns that start at $100, and the clients are able to track the real-time results, installs and spendings on their own. Through the provided access to the dashboard, the clients of the service can also manage their campaigns.

The idea behind the AppBrain installs delivery is that they are non-incentivized, the users install an application only because they are interested in it. With this service, there is no need to install SDK or provide any changes to the application. One of the benefits of the company is the selective promotion of the app to the users who might be interested in using it.

For monetizers, AppBrain also offers good opportunities, considering the provision of interstitials and banners that might appear interesting to the users and tend to create revenue. The payments are conducted to a bank account or to the PayPal once a month if it exceeds $25. The offered AppBrain SDK is simply to integrate, and it would not take long. The service also provides an opportunity to get the latest updates regarding the ranking of an app in different markets, so that the clients were aware of the situation with their applications.

One more benefit of the company is the The AppBrain Apptimizer developed to analyze the factors that contribute to an app popularity and offering real steps that would help to improve the ranking or to gain more downloads and installs. The service is represented on the global scale, and they can also offer country-specific promotion.

In case of any issues or concerns connected with the service, the customers can contact the company through their mail or use the FAQ option to find out the answers to the most popular questions.

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