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Introduction to AppLovin

This AppLovin review tells the users about some of the company’s insights, its products and area of expertise.

The larger the application of the customer is the more changes their monetization will be successful. One of the companies focused on advertising solutions is AppLovin. They are engaged in successful mobile advertising that brings their customers new users and reengages the present ones. This platform does not only uses targeting and segmenting for suing tailor made ads, but their media buying tool makes the process of reaching new audience simpler and faster. They are able to help big brands in their striving to acquire an audience of more than 1 billion people from everywhere in the world.

They work globally, and they have several offices located in different countries: USA, Ireland, China, Japan, Korea and Germany.

AppLovin Stats

Homepage AppLovin:

Founded in: 2012

Employee count: 50- 200 


AppLovin keeps their fans always aware of the new things they produce by staying in touch via social networking.

AppLovin Information for Advertisers

AppLovin reviews like this one will describe the advantaged of the company for advertisers

This platform for mobile advertising is a great way to attract more users. AppLovin uses data for acquiring fresh users who are predicted to be downloading the application of the customer. After reaching this limit, the company’s experts will make analyzes of the campaign and offer best solutions for reaching a larger number of users.

The AppLovin marketing is focused on using data. The special algorithm will find the best suitable applications for placing the add, and thus lead to enlarges the number of new users.

AppLovin makes all the possible to help their customers reach the growth of business they want through maximization of their investment. The algorithm developed by the company allows reaching the right audience and calculating the best suitable bid that can be offered for these users. This technology guarantees the customer’s reaching the business goal.

The company has a special analytic system based on ROI that allows tracking all the behavior of the users and calculates how to reach more.

With AppLovin it is possible to create the tailor made advertisements, their format and the message that will catch the attention of potential users.

AppLovin Information for Publishers

The technology used by the company allows bringing higher revenue than their competitors’. They believe that the secret of good performance of the add lies with the underlying technology. Their complex system allows demonstrating excellent results which meaning more revenue for customers.

AppLovin is the effective advertising platform that brings customers more revenue. Cooperating with top world brands and publishers means showing the ads to a massive number of people, which in its turn means more money for customers. And the paying is carried out fifteen days after each month.

They produce advertising in all major formats, including native, interstitial ads, video ads or banners. They will also offer using a combination of formants for better results.

Top quality of the advertisements is achieved by using multiple platforms. Among their partners are Amazon, iOS and Google. Suing their SDK a customer is able to start monetizing fast and event start campaign for gaining fresh audience.

For growing their clients revenue, AppLovin offers SDK via which fresh campaigns on acquiring new users can be launched extremely quickly.

AppLovin Account Help

Many AppLovin reviews contain the description of ways for customers to get help with their accounts.

Contact AppLovin: Email

AppLovin FAQ: for publishers and advertisers

There is a special department where publisher and advertiser can get help if necessary.

Advertisers Support:

Publishers Support

Careers at AppLovin

AppLovin always welcomes talented and goal driven professional to join their team, since the company is keeping pace with the world of mobile technologies.

AppLovin Review

Each time the company starts a project, they use their effective tools to carry out the analyses of customer’s needs and find the perfectly matching brand for ad campaign. Over one billion people from various countries receive the great content from their customers. The clients are able to analyze and see the better solutions for their business.

In their approach AppLovin focuses on the product first of all. They give their consumers a possibility to launch effective marketing for enlarging business.

Continuous development is one of the key of success of this company. They believe that offer up-to-date quality solutions in the best way for recognition.

Having a great united team is another secret of success. Every professional does his job excellently which lead to the great performance of the products.

The company was founded 5 years ago, and it has seen a great success in the market. This is because the experts from different fields are working together as a team.

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