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Introduction to Appnext

Appnext is a leading platform for app monetization and distribution of apps. Their aim is promotion of apps and developing sustainable mobile business on this basis. The platforms offers possibilities for direct contacts between developers and advertisers. It functions on the principle of CPI bidding basis enabling advertisers to adjust their bids and target the audience of their preference.

Appnext Stats

Homepage Appnext:

Founded in: 2012

Employee count: 51-200 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



Appnext Information for Advertisers

The platform offers developers a way to advertise their apps differently. This is possible due to the Self-Serve Advertising Platform that operates on CPI bidding basis. Through direct CPI Bidding system, transparent control and a large number of unique users, Appnext offers the advertisers to target their preferred audience in their pace. They provide deliver the advertisements on the top mobile apps and websites with non-incentivized traffic.

Appnext Information for Publishers

Appnext allows its users to get recognized by the top advertisers and get engaged by them to promote their products and get profit. They are suggesting the opportunity of promotion of the most relevant and global apps to the users. The service offers open API and native ads SDK to enhance the chances for revenue. With the global reach and a large community of developers, the platform is said to contribute to the revenue one may get.

Appnext Account Help

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Appnext Careers


Appnext is looking for smart and motivated workers who can contribute to the company development. They look for employees with the high level of skills and knowledge for any position. Having offices in several locations, they look for talents from different cultures to work on the issues of concern together and to find the best solutions.

Appnext Review

Appnext is one of the leading platforms for monetization and distribution of apps. The main aim of the company is to help the customers build a successful business in the mobile sphere by promoting the applications. Their community includes more than 30,000 developers and it is constantly growing. The platform is organized in a way so that both developers and advertisers can use it in order to establish connection between the publishers and the advertisers in a direct and transparent manner.

Appnext offers the developers and the publishers a wide range of tools for monetization, starting with API and ending with Native ads SDK. These means enable the interested parties to promote through native ads or using a variety of defined advertisments. The company is said to be processing more than 12 billion app requests every month. With their service, they cover 180 countries with 350 million active users and a large number of media partners.

The Self-Serve platform developed by the Appnext operates on the basis of CPI bidding. This makes it possible for advertisers to adjust their bids and to aim at their target audience. The system requires from the customers to pay only for actual installs and not for clicks or impressions. The customers can also make decisions on their own regarding the targeted audience and the amount of money that they are willing to pay for the service. Besides, the company offers a transparent system so that every customer knows where the placed ad is shown and which results it shows, which enables complete control of the customer over the advertising process. In addition, the involvement of an optimization algorithm enables finding the most relevant offers based on the type of the device and the eCPM.

One of the benefits offered by Appnext to its customers is the possibility to get involved in the community of their app developers with which one can communicate and share experiences. With Appnext, monetization is not only possible for app developers, but also for websites, which enables them to gain access to the new revenue sources, and the Appnext’s open API allows the customers to access limitless demand and find the appropriate opportunities. The company also offers its customers a chance to choose one of the tracking solutions for keeping an eye on the outcomes. They can choose between the company’s proprietary tracking SDK or any other kind of tracking solutions.

The company is providing a good service in terms of advertising and monetization, still, there could be more effort delivered to the communication between customers and the support since contacting is only possible through the website form. However, this issue should not overshadow the real achievements of the company.

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