Avazu Review

Introduction to Avazu

Avazu comes with a set of exceptional features. They will appear to be beneficiary for content owners as well as media buyers and advertisers. The key features are as follows:

  • The pay-per-conversion model is totally for high rollers who appreciate brilliant and smooth performance, tools to optimize inventory, etc.;
  • Worldwide Reach will let customers access a full list of ad campaigns as well as global advertising solutions;
  • 100% Transparency will deliver the most accurate and detailed reporting on every running campaign. You will benefit from an in-depth analytics that includes geographic as well as other essential data;
  • Global Ad Serving will distribute your campaigns to the most faraway laces. Cloud-based technologies and innovative solutions provide a stack of world-class superior technology.

Avazu Stats

Website: http://avazuinc.com/
Founded: 2009
Number of employees: 501-1000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avazuinc
Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/AvazuInc
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/avazu-inc

Avazu Information for Advertisers

Avazu comes with a set of essential tools for advertisers. It can boast its oqn unique self-serve platform in addition to security means, advanced ad technologies, customizable and easy-to-optimize global advertising campaigns, total transparency and more features to take the advantage of.

Advertisers looking for some extra features will appreciate the following:

  • Global Reach – You will have an access to a global target audience in spite of the country, geos or verticals;
  • Optimize your ad campaigns in accordance with your needs and preferences. Benefit from up to 18 inventory exchanges both existing and awaiting for integration;
  • Avazu delivers outstanding security system that protects your every ad impression from frauds right before the bids.

Founded in 2009, Avazu is certainly the right platform for advertisers to choose. It has a set of essential features making it easy to launch and take control over every running ad campaigns. You are free to stop them, restart, pause, etc.

Avazu Information for Publishers (Developers)

What are the key features every publisher is looking for in an ad network? They certainly include great performance, advanced and modern technologies, on-time payment and more. Avazu has them all. The network comes with essential tools for independent content owners to convert traffic from their websites and products.

The company has introduced its APX featuring up to 18 inventory exchanges. Better performance is available due to distributed cloud-based architecture. Developers are free to proceed with data exchanges anytime they need due to network’s open API.

Global offers are constantly brought to cover the international market. They highlight truly some of the hottest offers for independent publishers. All of them are available across different mobile devices in addition to PCs.

On-time payments and flexible pricing policy are additional advantages in favor of Avazu. If you are able to gain a good reputation within the platform establishing efficient collaboration with advertisers, you will benefit from additional bonuses ad special offers that include weekly payments and more.

Avazu Account Help

Whether you have problems with APX or face payment delays, Avazu customer support team is accessible online round the clock. Go to the contact section and learn more how to keep in touch with Avazu professionals. They provide help and consultations on any issue.

Editor’s Avazu Review

Avazu appears to be one of the fastest growing and developing TMT companies located in China. It has offices in many other countries in addition to up to 1000 qualified experts in the field of digital marketing and holds several other projects that include Teebik, aFud and more. All holding departments introduce various fields ranging from mobile marketing to gaming apps, early-stage investment fund and more.

The platform comes as a huge digital network that connects independent publishers with some of the most reliable and trustworthy advertisers. It features its own APX inventory exchange and additional tools to let publishers convert their website traffic and earn from mobile apps. The company is being extended all the time and is currently seeking for new dedicated and passionate specialists. Contact support team for more information on openings and available vacancies.

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