Top Cost Per Install Affiliate Networks 2017 Review

CPI advertising networks act as intermediaries between publishers or content owners and advertisers. Their key feature is the availability of offers based on the CPI model also known as cost per install. The offers appear to be a good choice for all parties including affiliates, developers, media buyers and other players to earn from promoting their products including mobile applications and games. The market has an enormous potential considering the average cost per click up to $3. This is why CPI companies are in a huge demand today.

How Does CPI Network Works?

Let’s say you are an advertiser and want to make money from the CPI app promotion. You choose the network with a selection of offers that meet your requirements and start running your campaign. The idea is to charge advertisers only in case the user installs the application. You do not have to pay for impressions or rates.

The model has proved to be efficient and profitable enough replacing some older models that are out of trend already. More and more advertisers opt for it instead of choosing subscription or content services. Although the number of mobile apps is growing faster than the speed of light representing a selection of traveling, E-Commerce, booking and dating services, mobile gaming is still one of the most lucrative niches with billions of users ready to download your product at any cost. For this reason, the model itself is actual. It will hardly vanish in the long perspective.

Who Can Benefit from The Model?

A selection of ad networks come with offers based on the model. On the other hand, different users may find them extremely profitable. You can opt for the model in case you are any of the following:

  • A publisher – a content owner or developer eager to get higher revenues from their apps by means of promoting other applications to generate more traffic;
  • Affiliates – users who try to make a profit from running different ad campaigns and purchasing organic traffic. They actually promote different CPI offers;
  • Servers – platforms that will have a chance to monetize inventory using their selection of offers based on CPI model.

Now you are aware of why CPI model is so popular today. You have learnt who can benefit from the model and how. It is high time we have found out some of the best mobile ad networks that use the same model and come up with plenty of offers to benefit from. You may come across some big names in the niche as well as discover some new award-winning marketplaces that may appear to be extremely beneficiary.

Top CPI Ad Networks

Let’s start our listing with CPIMobi is the first in our list. The network was launched in 2014 and can be considered as a relatively new marketplace. N the other hand, the network has proved to be reliable enough featuring a huge number of direct advertisers, low costs and other great features to benefit.

The claim: More than 50,000 direct developers.

Main Benefits: self-served campaign running, low rates, more than 30 million real downloads per month.

Offers Selection: mobile games and tools.


YeahMobi which is a part of a globally recognized corporation. Launched in 2009, the marketplace can boast a selection of different campaigns and offers. At the same time, the network never deals with intermediaries and interacts with its clients directly.

The claim: More than 10,000 mobile offers of superior quality.

Main Benefits: global coverage, 500+ advertisers to interact with directly.

Offers Selection: mobile games and tools.


Matomy is the last but not the list in our list. Here you can benefit from an enormous variety of affiliates that represent over 1,500 companies from around the globe. Whether you opt for exclusive ad campaigns and offers or choose traditional CPI format, you will appreciate payments every week, caring managers and other great features.

The claim: over 1,500 different offers.

Main Benefits: payments every week, responsive managers.

Offers Selection: mobile applications, games, Facebook and Google Display Network delivery.