CPIMobi Review

Introduction to CPIMobi

The mobile app market has turned into a rapidly developing industry with many monetization tools and sources to make money for both publishers and developers. The only thing you need is to find an ad network that meets your requirements. You do not even have to be an experienced marketer, as all major platforms come with easy managing services.

CPIMobi is a good example of such network featuring a fast and easy customization with Android platform. Although considered as comparatively young, the platform has been operating since 2014 offering wide choice of publishers with different apps in various fields. The network can boast various sources of high-quality traffic, real downloads and quick exposure.

Company Stats

Website: https://cpimobi.com

Number of employees: 1-10

Founded: 2014

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cpimobi

Information for Advertisers

Advertisers will find many beneficiary factors when opting for CPIMobi. They can choose from a variety of countries globally to reach their targeted audience by location and other points. The system provides filters by OS version, type of device, users’ impression and other key factors that will influence the general efficiency of a chosen ad campaign. Customers will appreciate a wide choice of advertising alternatives introducing over 16,000,000 offers.

Individual client managers are assigned to every advertiser, which is certainly a good advantage other networks cannot boast. It means that you will have 24/7 technical and customization support. Contact your manager to handle any problems related to system integration or ad campaign managing. It will enable premium level performance in spite of country and niche you act in.

In-depth analysis and accurate statistics can be obtained via specially designed and self-served tools. You will hardly face any difficulties when customizing your own ad strategy following your own needs. Signing in is free. There are no special requirements for advertisers.

Account Help

A few ad networks have a dedicated support team unlike CPIMobi. This platform establishes individual approach to every customer providing 24/7 online help in case of any questions. If you find it hard to tune the ad campaign or integrate the system, feel free to contact local account help and benefit from professional and fast assistance.

Skype: cpimobi

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

FAQ https://cpimobi.com/faq


CPIMobi is a well-established company with its own professional staff. The platform is not currently looking for new talents. It has a fixed pool of teammates to cover all necessary fields of the app development and advertising process. They include some of best programmers, software developers, promoters and client managers.

Editor’s CPIMobi Review

The first thing you will like about CPIMobi is its user-friendly website. The home page is well structured and has all necessary sections thoughtfully located in one place. You will never face difficulties when finding necessary information. Registration is fast and easy. It hardly differs from any other network and takes a couple of minutes.

Apart from other localized platforms, CPIMobi does not establish tough limitations and requirements for new advertisers. Moreover signing up is free. The platform introduces many countries though the speed may differs in specific areas. It can negatively influence the running of your ad campaign. However, there are a few complaints regarding this fact, actually.

The price is rather low if compared with other Android networks. For example, you will need to pay only $2 for 30 real installs in addition to high-quality traffic.

5 thoughts on “CPIMobi

  1. Tim

    Low price, great support team, great tools, many ad offers, thousands of publishers – what else do you need from a good network? CPIMobi has them all!

  2. Simon

    I came up with an idea of a great Arcade game for Android OS. However, I did not have the foggiest idea how to deliver it to Google Play considering a lack of experience. Thanks to CPIMobi I can now benefit from high ranking in addition to numerous installs

  3. Alex

    I can say nothing band about CPIMobi. The network is not perfect though it certainly has a set of advantages if compared with other platforms. I like their bonuses and additional rewards.

  4. Malik

    I need best Prices for my new APP.


    • Nick - CPIMobi

      Hello Malik,

      We currently do provide the $0.07 CPI for Android.

      Sign up and get 50 free installs.


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