How to Get Your App Funded Using Crowdfunding Review

Those who already have experience of launching a new startup are well aware of all obstacles that may occur when developing and promoting a mobile application. It may take much time before you earn your first dollar. Making money from the app is not as easy as it may seem at first sight.

If you hesitate to launch your new project, think of crowdfund apps as a good solution to all your previous problems. Crowd funding platforms appear to be a good idea whenever you look for the slightest opportunity to reduce the slightest risk of failing the entire project.

What Are the Benefits of Crowdfunding Applications?

Many developers and novice entrepreneurs have the wrong understanding of the term crowdfunding apps. They think that they will have to look for investors and funds they need to deal with all stages of the development and promotion process. You may need a sum to cover expenses necessary for a particular stage but not the entire development process. Or you may need extra funds to implement a unique feature.

At the same time, crowd funding is not only about money. Such platforms may turn out to be extremely beneficiary from different business perspectives. For instance, you may increase the awareness of the app as well as attract some potential users. The platform will let you build an efficient feedback. Imagine that your app failed to attract a single dollar for funding. It is obvious that the product is of no use and you need to rethink and rebuild it. Vice versa, if people feel the potential that starts acting with enthusiasm, which means you are heading the right way with your application.

A good thing about choosing the right platform is the fact it can lead you to a successful campaign. Let’s consider the platform as the community of dedicated people who share the same interests and goals. If the community features professionals and great people, you are more likely to gain more use from the community. You can share the experience and some beneficiary ideas for the campaign and the app in particular.

The List of Good Platforms for Your App

Choosing the right platform will determine the major part of your success. We have reviewed some of the leading sources and conducted a list of some leading platforms available on the web. Please, note that you are not obliged to stick to any of the following. However, they certainly have some crucial benefits.


Kickstarter platform claims to find a new successful way for the most creative and innovative projects. This is actually the best bet for those who come up with an idea of building the most creative and advanced mobile solutions and applications. The only way to succeed in the market of mobile apps is to deliver something unique and original. This where Kickstarter may help whenever you face financial obstacles from the very start.


Although some may say that Indiegogo hardly differs from the first platform in our list, it still has some different features that let you choose a type of funding. The range of offers varies from Flexible to Fixed findings.


Hailing from the UK, CrowdFunder is the platform that comes with maximum flexibility delivering the bets users’ experience. The company will turn out to be an efficient helper whenever you want to opt for various project-funding models. Here you can benefit from a selection of methods including Equity, Community Shares, and Rewards.

Final Word

We do hope you will find this material helpful when choosing the right funding platform. They can be rather handy whenever you need extra funds to implement your creative project. A growing number of sources results in a tough competition among leading platforms. This will make them deliver some new features and more flexibility that will eventually change the typical view of traditional platforms like Kickstarter. One thing you should always keep in mind that crowd funding is not always about money. It lets you create a strong feedback and evaluate the potential of your future project.