How to Promote an App Review

How to promote mobile app? This is the second question many developers ask after building an award-winning mobile application. Whether you have come up with a great iOS or Android product, your next step is to deliver it to the target audience and start earning money using various monetization tools. However, at this stage, most rookies face their first problems considering thousands of apps subscribed to leading app stores including iPhones App Store and Android’s Google Play. It seems impossible to grab the attention of users and stand out from more than 600,000 applications when it comes to gaming apps.

The situation is even tougher for developers who opt for iOS market. On the one hand, the platform is certainly a leader in the mobile market with millions of users around the globe. The potential is enormous. On the other hand, Apple has made some crucial changes making it hard for promoters and advertisers achieve higher rankings and earn money from downloads and installs. In other words, every time you try to reward users for downloads you will be rejected by the App Store. Google Play still allows proceeding with incentivized downloads.

However, the decision made by Apple has certainly affected Android marketplace as well. For this reason, you need to develop new efficient ways to promote your app and gain success on leading platforms. This article will come as an essential helper for those who still do not have the foggiest idea how to iPhone app or Android application.

Mobile App Networks – New Marketing and Promotion Trend

Opting for some leading and trustworthy mobile ad networks is certainly a good idea whenever you need to generate higher revenues and benefit from a faster app exposure. Firstly, rookies need to have a clear understanding of what actually incentivized downloads mean. Why does Apple prohibit them? They come in form of a marketing offer delivered by some ad networks. The idea is based on cross-promotion performed by developers between different publishers at the same time.

For example, you have certainly observed an app that offers some rewards, bonus points or virtual currency for downloading the product. Some promoters offer coupons or vouchers, but the main idea is still the same. They try to stimulate users and make them download a promoting app. Apple finds such strategy rather intrusive and to the detriment of organic traffic. However, you can still find some great networks that offer great managing and promotion tools. Keep in touch with the latest updates in our list.

The List of Leading Mobile Ad Networks



CPIMobi is another great mobile ad platform that comes with a huge number of monthly installs and clicks. The platform boasts billions of apps registered within the platform in addition to low rates and easy registration process. It is perfect for both rookies and professionals.




The network used to be undoubtedly the leading platform offering incentivized downloads. However, the Apple’s ban appeared to be a tough challenge the network failed to take. On the other hand, the marketplace can boast its own $5 million fund letting app developers make their first steps on the iOS market. If you already have an award-winning iOS application, TapJoy certainly worth paying attention.



This ad network is mainly specialized in promoting Android applications. Developers may benefit from various models ranging from non-incentivized promotion campaigns for mobile apps to network’s self-established app store.