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Introduction to InMobi

Miip, or the InMobi Discovery Platform, offers mobile users a range of possibilities connected with advertising. They enable the discovery of relevant products by redefining the role of advertising in the goalless world. They offer the users interactive and bright interface to ensure the attention of consumers through numerous apps and the high level of personalization of choices.

InMobi Stats

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Founded in: 2007

Employee count: 501-1000 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



InMobi Information for Advertisers

The designed by InMobi discovery zones deliver a wide range of audio and video materials with reviews and ratings. They offer a system that promotes apps based or reactions of the users. This allows reaching users based on their interests. The InMobi Appographic Targeting helps to acquire a loyal user base for the advertised app. Besides, the self-service platforms delivers the customers control over the performance.

InMobi Information for Publishers (Developers)

Their mobile advertising platform focuses on user experience and provides the developers with the best opportunities. They offer the developers the ads that blend seamlessly with the app and appeal to the users. The platform provides the ads that are relevant to users’ context and create a high level of engagement. The opportunities here embed both standard and advanced ad formats.

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InMobi encourages its employees to realize their potential, to learn, and to grow with your ideas. They offer the employees to work in the spheres of Strategy and Operations, Design, with finance and legal issues, in marketing or HR sphere, in technologies and sales/business development. In every team employees would face challenges to overcome in order to develop their own skills and enhance the general company’s results.

Editor’s InMobi Review

The InMobi service based on the Miip InMobi Discovery Platform for Developers is created to provide the developers assitance by growing their apps through user experience. The main claim of the company is that the good user experience equals high levels of engagement. With respect to this fact, the InMobi platform is dedicated to creating the platforms for mobile advertising that would be user-friendly and bring the best experiences. The customized user experience provided to the customers enables a range of possibilities for their promotion of business.

The idea of promotion developed by InMobi service is based on the idea of discovery zones. According to their vision, discovery zones determine the ways in which the users tend to see and discover the app content. The zones about which the company is concerned provide a range of standard and advanced ad formats and are designed to deliver positive user experience and promote users’ engagement to the highest extent.

The service helps the users to gain positive experience of monetization through games, social messaging, news delivery, and entertainment by catching the most appropriate moments and delivering the ads to the users at that time. InMobi suggest and opportunity of easy monetizing while the customer would only need to integrate their SDK. The access to powerful monetization features offered by the service, effective ads formats, detailed reporting options, and app promotion are all combined within a single self-serve interface. It enables the customers to lead their campaigns according to their preferences and to have control over the processes that are taking place within their advertising.

The products offered by the InMobi for developers increased monetization chances include native ads, interstitials in the form of static, carousel or video units, the rewarded video opportunity, and the standard banners. All together, the opportunities provided by the InMobi offer the chance to promote the applications considering the reactions of the users that are recorded. This allows to reach the users according to their interests and to show them the relevant content that has a potential of engaging them.

The InMobi Appographic Targeting helps to acquire loyal users considering their interests and desires. In addition, Mobile Tracking & Attribution Partners can help to gain access to the advanced targeting option, and the secure targeted installs of the app would make the install campaigns led by InMobi even more effective. At the same time, the complete control over the advertising and promotion would ensure achieving the set goals and desired results.

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