Marketing Abbreviations You Should Know Review

For many rookies entering the niche of mobile marketing seems to be a tough challenge considering a wide range of different abbreviations and terms. The way some professionals speak sounds more like a foreign language to the majority of startups. For this reason, we decided to collect the most commonly used terms and abbreviations letting you know what they mean and stand for.

CPM Marketing Model

The CPM abbreviation stands for cost per mile model where a mile is 1,000 of users’ impressions. The model reflects traditional ad strategies and solutions with some slight modifications to meet the requirements of modern advertisers and publishers. Whether you are a customer or advertiser, you need to determine a specific price rate beforehand and generate a number of necessary impressions through a chosen ad campaign. A negotiated price is the sum an app owner has to pay for every 1 000 impressions or a mile.

CPI Marketing Model

The CPI abbreviation stands for a cost per install model.  It differs from traditional models like CPM, for example, and is considered as specific for mobile apps. This particular campaign features fixed bid rates a content owner is charged whenever a user installs his or her application. The model has proved to be efficient and popular with app owners who are eager to benefit from higher recognition and reach target audience to perform installs.

CPC Marketing Model

The CPC abbreviation stands for cost per click model. It represents the line of cost models to oppose CPM campaigns. Every time a user clicks the ad, that content owner is charged a fee that is directed to an advertiser. This particular method has proved to be efficient enough. It has already become a common model for both advertisers and publishers.

CPO Marketing Model

The CPO abbreviation stands for cost per order model. It I actually similar to CPA campaigns we are going to learn further. The idea is to encourage users to make a specific action. The difference is that in CPO model a publisher is charged only when an action leads to real success resulting in transactions, purchases and more.

Other Marketing Models and Abbreviations

The long list of models and campaigns includes some other methods. For instance, the CPA abbreviation stands for cost per action method that features a common billing methodology. If a user takes any specific action, a publisher needs to pay a fee. This model is actually similar to the above-mentioned one. However, the list of actions may additionally include subscriptions, newsletters, transmissions, etc.

The CPL model will be the last but not the least. Those letters stand for cost per lead method. The model is a typical campaign for the online marketing industry. Every time a lead is performed, a publisher pays a fee. A lead is any type of contact performed by the user through the publishers’ ads.