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Introduction to Matomy

Matomy as a performance-driven advertising platform offers its clients a possibility to use all media channels, including web, mobile, and social platforms. The company’s approach combines reporting data and campaign optimization opportunities that include the data layer and business intelligence layer. Using a layered approach, the Matomy platform is able to deliver effective results for advertising campaigns.

Matomy Stats

Homepage Matomy:

Founded in: 2007

Employee count: 400




Matomy Information for Advertisers

The cross-platform and multi-channel advertising campaigns offered by Matomy Media Group provides access to qualitative users and promotes engagement to reach the customer and acquisition objectives. They provide users through CPA, CPL, CPI and CPM, create views. In addition, they plan and organize the advertising campaign and manage it as well as give access to global trafficking through the involvement of the partners.

Matomy Information for Publishers (Developers)

The Matomy Media Group provides its customers with the cross-platform (mobile and web) and multi-channel opportunities for monetization. The group offers different monetization solutions respective to the needs. They offer monetization through CPM rates or advanced booking, inventory monetization through tags of programing selling, and providing access to convertive web and mobile offers. The Media Group also keeps an eye on the campaign performance.

Matomy Account Help


  • Tel Aviv: +972 77 360 6060;
  • London: +44 203 205 0473;
  • New York: +1 646 442 1574;
  • San Francisco: +1 415 655 9391;
  • Fort Lauderdale: +1 954 577 3033;
  • Denver: +1 303 985 2700;
  • Toronto: +1 416 829 4200;
  • Mexico City: +52 552 973 2207;
  • Munich: +49 89 416 146010

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Matomy Careers

Working in Matomy means joining a dynamic developing global company, having knowledge of digital advertising and technology as well as working in a professional team. They hire creative and skilled people who are interested in digital marketing and are ready to develop their career in the sphere. The company values individual initiative and offers the employees a sound life-work balance.

7) Matomy Editor’s Matomy Review

Matomy Media Group belongs to the leading online marketing companies. With its presence in Europe as well as the growing presence in both North and South America, the company is constantly winning the markets and stays one of the most dangerous competitors in mobile and desktop marketing. They tend to show the high level of online marketing expertise, and in combination with the integrated technologies, Matomy service offers its users a complete and comprehensive online marketing solution.

Founded in 2007, nowadays a company is effectively delivering services in multichannel marketing and ensures high performance. Their solutions include display advertising, based on performance management network and platform, search marketing option, and alternative payment opportunities.

They work with the customers to ensure the cost-effective high-quality results that are under the control of the client. They work with campaigns in numerous spheres,starting with games and evolving to the Finance and Education, so that the choice of offers to the publishers and advertisers is large.

The Matomy corporation has developed global presence, and this allows to assist their international clients also in terms of local expertise, corresponding to the needs that they express. With the nine offices in different locations and around 400 employees, they tend to provide the most varied solutions to their 5,000 active customers.

One of their projects, Matomy Video, allows the promotion through video advertising and respective content monetization opportunity. They provide the publishers with a chance to access video ads content and monetize it by gaining access to various media channels while working with a single partner. They offer their clients gaining insights in the progress through real-time reports and results tracking technology. Account management also tends to suggest the customers solutions to their problems and find the best options.

The company increases its visibility on the Internet through the blog that helps them to show their expertise, provide solutions and interesting information to the users as well as publish the news regarding the company’s events and achievements. The company managers are able to provide necessary information and explanations. They can be reached either through the access options offered on the website or via the phone numbers provided for the offices on the site.

Thus, Matomy is a good option for both publishers and advertisers due to the use of advanced technologies and the worldwide access to advertising and app databases through multiple platforms.

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