Mobile App Marketing in 10 Steps 2017 Review

The efficiency of mobile app marketing strategies depends on some fundamental issues. If you want to succeed, you need to follow several easy steps that will let you tune a beneficiary strategy and enable a profitable mobile marketing app campaign.

Step 1 – Get Prepared for the Launch

There is nothing difficult in dismissing the application. It will hardly take you more than 1minute to find a particular app and download it. At the same time, users are becoming more and more demanding. They keep an eye on all possible misses and pitfalls ranging from poor design and low-level usability to some more crucial bugs. They will hardly praise developers for that and are likely to leave poor ratings.

Step 2 – Pick the Right Gaming App

There are plenty of games available in the market. Choosing the right one will let you enable a successful mobile app marketing strategy. The games may vary in accordance with their genres. You should make up your mind on what app you are going to develop and why. If you prefer other applications like social networks or booking services, make sure, you come up with some unique features that will let you stand out from other applications in the niche.

Step 3 – A Capturing App Icon

Building an award-winning application does not guarantee a success when implementing a chosen app marketing campaign. You will need to promote your application increasing users’ awareness and recognition. Building a stunning app icon is certainly a good idea for establishing your own brand.

At this stage, you should think of how to make your application as noticeable as possible. If you are able to grab the attention of the audience, your product will have a success.

Step 4 – Publishing Press Releases

This is another good way to increase the awareness of your application. The idea is to announce the launch of your product as well as highlight some of its fundamental features and advantages. Make sure you target the right audience when publishing press releases.

Step 5 – Writing an App Description

Many developers underestimate the importance of a punchy app description leaving the task for the last minute before the launch. Such approach can be to the detriment of the entire campaign. At the same time, the app description should not be just a listing of features or benefits. It is supposed to look lively and interactive. You need to grab the attention of your reader from the start. In addition, the application description appears to be an important document.

Step 6 – We Representation

The more you speak of your app on different online sources, the more awareness you will get. A strong web representation will certainly be in favor of the product and the campaign in general. A good social buzz is also a great plus. It is cost-effective and less time-consuming if compared with other methods.

Step 7 – App Reviews

Get your app to one of the reviews tits creating the image of honest and fair approach. It will also let you create a good feedback and customers’ appreciation.

Step 8 – Build Landing Pages

Although this step is not new to the majority of marketers and publishers, some still underestimate its potential. Landing pages have proved to be a great marketing tool whenever you need to make your target audience find your product among tons of apps alike. Moreover, a good landing page will make it possible to generate more traffic from social networks.

Step 9 – Use Media Content

Writing a brilliant text is good but not enough. We are very lazy when it comes to our own projects. You should have a clear understanding of all benefits when implementing other types of content like videos, images, infographics and more. Users are very lazy when it comes to reading tons of content. They’d rather watch.

Step 10 – Screenshots

Once you’ve come up with your detailed and punchy app description, you need to provide a set of screenshots as a guide or tutorial for users.