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Introduction to Mobusi

Mobusi is nowadays identified as one the most successful and top advertising agencies for mobile users. Currently working with publishing partners and advertisers in Europe and South America, their main goal is turning mobile traffic into business and enabling profit. They have more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobile advertising and are able to provide their users with the appropriate options.

Mobusi Stats

Homepage Mobusi:

Founded in: 2012

Employee count: 51-200 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



Mobusi Information for Advertisers

Their products offer the possibility to promote an app both globally and in a definite region. The service works with more than 20.000 publishing partners who enable the wide advertisement coverage. Their activities cover Europe as well as the South America to increase the campaign results.

Mobusi Information for Publishers (Developers)

Mobusi service offers an opportunity of delivering the most relevant and interesting ads to the audience. In order to enhance the revenue, they offer the unmatched eCPMs. With around 5.000 advertisers in Europe and the United States involved in the service provision, they provide positive opportunities to the developers. They help to increase the earned revenue and provide the most appropriate choices to the developers.

Mobusi Account Help

Contact: [email protected]

Editor’s Mobusi Review

Mobusi is an advertising agency for mobile technology the core value of which is their performance as well as the performance of their customers. They ensure the delivery of the results to the publishers and adveritisers disregarding of what the cost of the service is. This helps the company to assure the high results and the maximum ROI through all the campaigns.

The international Spanish-based network operates on the global scale and has access to 236 global markets, to which they also provide access. with more than 20,000 publishers and over 5,000 advertisers, they offer the customers great opportunities for traffic and good chances for advertising. They provide not only global campaigns, but also have the option of custom campaigns by platform, targted audience, and country.

The advertising and monetizing campaigns are developed by the arketing specialists of the company, and they consider the peculiarities of the desired outcomes and the wishes of the customers that need to be met. The service is primarily focused on the users from Europe and South America, with the expansion to the global market.

For publishers, the company offers an effective way of creating high revenue through the provision of ads that would be the most appropriate for the targeted audience, getting the great eCPMs. The company has also initiated the creation of the blog, where the workers get a chance to express their thoughts concerning the advertising and promotion opportunities and to find the ways of dealing with them. Besides the ideas brought in by the creators of the company, the Mobusi platform is showing impressive statistics and achievements. For example, in March, they can be proud of 3.089.670.356 mobile clicks that were sent to their system.

Currently, there are 247 active geos worldwide that are running their campaigns through the service of Mobusi. The company is said to be able to provide traffic for any country their customers would only need. In addition, with almost 8,9 million sales in March, the company is one of the biggest networks used for mobile marketing aims.

With over ten years of experience in digital marketing and the impressive results of the company’s work, Mobusi is one of the trusted advertising service providers, and it still continues to develop. The big volumes of quality trafficking, provision of support by the account managers, and the highest eCPM in the field, Mobusi is the valuable source for enhancing the promotion of an app or leading a successful advertising campaign.

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