MoPub Review

Introduction to MoPub

Unlike many others MoPub reviews, this one will give a detailed description of what the company is doing and what benefits in can bring for consumers.

MoPub is one of the largest companies for exchanging the advertising mobile traffic. One of the facts of the successful operation of the company is a proven 1 billion review per day, and it is a minimal indicator. This is a server for advertising owned by Twitter. MoPub ensures that any link seen by the user on Twitter can be converted into a sale or an order through a gadget, – and it identifies the same user who logs in from different gadgets or browsers.

MoPub Stats

Homepage MoPub:

Founded in: 2010

Employee count: 50- 200 


With the aim of letting people know about their latest news, MoPub runs profiles in social networks.

MoPub Information for Publishers

MoPub is a server that help mobile platforms manage their advertisement campaign most efficiently. Among the platforms using services of MoPub are WrodPress and Tunein, as well as developer of mobile games Halfbrick, Сom2us, etc.

They offer a complete scope of advertising process that includes development and placement of ads, mediation between advertising networks and real-time bidding. And all this is in one excellent solution.

Their advertisements are seen by a huge number of users of gadgets based on Android and iOS from different parts of the world.

Ad Serving at this company includes order and spending patterns, CPM/CPC/CPA budgeting, excellent SDK, etc.

Intermediary service for advertising allows choosing the partners to spread the ads and get higher revenue. It also allows integrating ads from server to server to reduce the unwanted SDKs.

MoPub Account Help

This MoPub review also contains contact information for customers.

Contact MoPub: Contact form

MoPub FAQ: for publishers and advertisers

MoPub Review

Since 2013 MoPub is a Twitter owned service. It provides best solution for monetizing advertisements that can actually be adapted for according to different parameters. This is a trustworthy platform used by major brands to grow their business. Customers are able to create their ads, serve them and control their performance, as well as re-adapting it thus reaching the maximal suitable audience.

They guarantee he full transparency of how the ad works in applications. A customer can check the performance reports, filter the publishers, set the info shown in the market, and choose the best bidding rate.

The company developed the largest market place. The Marketplace is platform integrated, and allows receiving the performance report and make adjustments in the ad campaign.

Advertisers, advertising companies and demand side platforms are given a possibility to target various user audiences more accurately than other ad networks.

Running their Marketplace allows customers reaching a huge number of buyers without paying additional advertisement, since the company works on adding new partners on a daily basis.

Mobile advertising network MoPub consists of three stages for monetization of mobile apps, it includes showing the ads, mediation between advertising networks and real time mode fund withdrawal. This company is the first one to introduce real-time bidding for gadgets. They established a clear market where ad publishers place ads with targeted data and advertisers can access a vast number of ad impressions. In additions, customers are able to control the entire process or marketing and improve it with MoPub tools.


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