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Introduction to NativeX

NativeX is a Mobvista firm providing ad services for mobile games and apps. They implement successful mobile app monetization for publishers via different pay-off and non pay-off media advertisements such as offer walls, banners, Lightning Play and others.

As is seen from NativeX review they are experts in efficient strategies and ad solutions which increases App Store ranking and their customers get the best ROI constantly.

NativeX Stats


Founded in: 2000

Employee count: 200- 500 


NativeX Information for Advertisers

Their top sales staff works hard for their customers to reach their goals in improving ranks, traction and getting their organic users. At the same time they allow you monitor the prosperity of your ad campaigns.

The NativeX review demontstrates they have more than 1 billion mobile users and over 1000 direct publishers.

They provide efficient help in the following cases:

  • when you want to add new straight high ROI installs
  • promote your App Store visuality (both chart and keyword rankings)
  • maintain permanent App Store visibility
  • information about new updates.

NativeX Information for Publishers

NativeX renders data technologies and pathbreaking creative solutions for you to get the highest profit with the top users’ experience.

NativeX Account Help

To contact NativeX use the contact form

NativeX FAQ for publishers and advertisers:

NativeX Review

The founders of NativeX are twin brothers Ryan and Rob Weber from Minneapolis, state Minnesota. The company was quickly listed in Top 10 companies for top quality user acquisition and efficient monetization.

The largest mobile ad company Mobvista acquires NativeX in February 2016 and meanwhile expanded spreading of their native ad technologies throughout the entire world.

As seen from NativeX review they are very useful when it is necessary to increase your profit to the maximum level without influencing your users experience in a bad way.

They provide premium ad technologies, including the highest eCPM wins, making changes though the web browser, but not though the app updates and robust targeting.

They provide possible return each time with the help of unique technology. You can adjust your strategy anytime you wish via the internet, for example change the ads formats, rewards and payments or placements, and there is no need to submit your app again or using your engineering resources. Native X team, i.e. expert data scientists increase your app success with the help of investigating your audience engagement constantly.

Want an exceptional user experience? Here you have it. The company provides services which improve the premium app experience required by players and makes it much better.  The advertisement is not appreciated as an interruption because it is integrated organically into users’ activity.

A customer has a chance to get higher user satisfaction by getting the necessary target audience with the needful context of the ad being the most impactful.

The network also reduces the size of your application. You have all the features needed, no inflate, multi-offer and other to-quality ads formats.

They have an amazing expert data team consisting of designers, scientists and engineers who have created high-end technology for providing both advertisers and publishers more intelligent user acquest and monetization.

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