Introduction to staff consists of marketers, developers and artists who have wide and rich background in the start-up stage and really know how to make your product profitable. The members of their professional team have been both developers and advertisers which enabled them to create those solutions that meet the requirements of those both sides. Stats


Founded in: 2013

Employee count: 10- 50 

Profiles: Information for Advertisers

As is seen from review, they have an exclusive network to promote ad campaigns to new users in markets in progress such as Russia, Brazil, and Turkey etc. They make you reach new clients promptly.

They do optimization as well as segmentation, i.e. you not only get installs but also get new loyal users. They have a programmed guidance engine which makes you reach more potential users for a long time.

Moreover, there is a post install campaign allowing reaching highest results with different traffic sources.

The review shows that it is possible to control and understand traffic resources constantly; you get a warranty of 100% clear traffic and always are aware of what you pay for. provides you with your personal dedicated mobile ad expert who assists you in reaching your marketing KPI.

Everything you pay for is performance. CPI, CPE or CPA price models are totally safe.

They provide successful app store ranking improvement, higher visibility and increase downloads amounts. Information for Publishers

In-game ads

Customers can monetize their non-paying users throughout the entire world via rewarding them in-game currency for such things as watching videos, completing surveys or downloading apps etc. This way non-paying users increase their experience and enjoy the game.

Increasing your users’ experience and your own profit is a good motivation according to review.

Some of technologies include:

  • open API to enjoy your accomplishment results
  • RTB (real time bidding) to make your app a really profitable business
  • segmentation and targeting (to deliver your app to the targeted user). Their automatic target engine determines the interests and requirements of your audience. Account Help

Contact by email [email protected]  or via contact form

You can search for the information in FAQ: for publishers and advertisers: Review is a leading global ad-tech firm which specializes in personalized monetization and mobile apps delivery to the ultimate users. They have a top technology that renders app tools to create in-app ads to game and app vendors.

Their API provides you with a wide range of campaigns while it uses their own proprietary technology and suggests top innovative tools to game and app vendors in order to create in-app ads and acquire organic users. review is impressive and ensures that their DSP tool lets the developers increase their app profit without bearing risks when using top optimization tool and targeting engines.

What about the features? Their easy and open SDK and API integration support most of the available platforms.

They are really a decent network for publishers while have lots of native ad types.

The customers will appreciate a really prompt feedback from their personal account manager.

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