Revmob Review

Introduction to Revmob

This Revmob review is made to help the reader decide on whether to choose the Revmob company for advertising their business or not.

Revmob is an ad network that is in constant self development process. It has been among the leaders on the market of advertising through applications and websites, monetization of apps, promotion of brands for 16 years.

Based on years of experience, lots of successful products, wide geography of happy customers, advanced service the Revmob team is confident that they are able to design a product that brings improved user experience. Their products help customers find the needed audience, promote their product and bring revenue.

Revmob Stats


Founded in: 2011

Employee count: 50- 200 

In addition to their website, Revmob has running profiles in social networks to keep the readers updated with latest news.


Revmob Information for Advertisers

The Customer Success Team working at Revmob is focused on providing the necessary assistance for customers any time they may need it. The team experts will guide the customer on how to get started and improve their results, as well as answer any questions or eliminate any doubt they may have. The aim of the Customer Success Team is to help in finding the best audience and installations of high quality. Every customer is always paid the fullest attention.

With the Revmob advertisers are able to set the optimization parameters for reaching the needed audience.It is possible to reach the users of certain types and models of gadgets, or even operating system. It is possible to set search of people with the particular job. If a customer wishes to find users according to their types of interest, Revmob has this option. If a customer targets at some specific place, it is possible to reach people according to their location. To improve customers’ performance, Revmob makes analyzes of the campaign and the most suitable audience with the help of proprietary machine learning algorithms. Revmob has a platform for real-time bidding. With is help it is possible to match the most trustworthy price system for attracting the right users.

Revmob Information for Publishers

This Revmob review says that the company team is fully aware that to build a cool application it takes time. SDK used by the company is considered one of the fastest and simplest to integrate. It will only take a customer a few minutes to set advertising on the application and proceed to getting revenues.

 Revmob work with various online stores for spreading their applications, including Google Play, App Store, Amazon, Samsung Apps, and many others.

Revmob Account Help

It is possible to contact the company via their website.

Contact Revmob: Contact form

Answers to frequently asked questions are at the website.

Revmob FAQ: for publishers and advertisers

 Revmob Review

Revmob is a topper company that can provide their customers with excellent product to expand business and get income. They are using latest technologies in their work. Their SDK is the fastest way to integrate the application and being receiving revenue. Being founded in 2001, they have served more than 20 thousand customers from 180 counties offering them best matching solutions.

For helping customers generate higher revenue, Revmob uses best eCPM in the industry. They have developed an excellent repost analytics system that allows customers track all the information about the performance of their applications, including traffic statistics, controlling the flow of ad campaign, check out the insight for better optimization of the app performance, etc.

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