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Introduction to Smaato

Smaato’s Publisher Platform offers a solution for app developers and publishers connected with the monetization of applications. They have created a unified platform that enables the real-time advertising and cooperation. Their offer for publishers and developers includes high eCPMs and immediate monetization. They are making attempts to support the clear, transparent, and safe cooperation between the developers and advertisers.

Smaato Stats

Homepage Smaato:

Founded in: 2015

Employee count: 201-500 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



Smaato Information for Advertisers

The Smaato service offers massive reach, fast traffic, and easy integration of advertisers. Smaato‘s RTB ad exchange works with a system that presents ads to unique users in the real time. They offer transparent Real-Time Bidding auctions, allowing the advertisers to reach the targeted audience. Through Smaato DSP Integration Portal, they also provide self-service testing tools that help to test the performance at any time after which the access to RTB Ad Exchange system is provided.

Smaato Information for Publishers (Developers)

Smaato offers opportunities for developers of iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry apps or mobile websites to monetize their applications and get benefits. The service has developed the Dynamic Demand Technology that helps the monetizers to get the highest revenue through the best CPM. integration of the ads through SDK, Server-to-Server API, Ad Tag, and Real-time Reporting API is not difficult. Combined with an extensive demand, the variety of ad formats creates possibilities for revenue growth.

Smaato Account Help

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Smaato Careers

Knowledge Base URL:

Smaato is interested in engaging powerful talents in the fields of engineering and sales, product management and marketing. They have offices in different locations which enables the exchange of cultural experiences among the employees. Their values include people, commitment, and leadership. They are providing benefits to people who are ready to promote innovation, use their talent, and contribute to the team spirit.

Editor’s Smaato Review

The Smaato brand is an RTB-exchange platform and ad provider that directs at helping the developers of games and publishers to get the maximum revenue from the monetization practices.

The main goal of the service is to create an opportunity for publishers to use the full control over the process of their inventory monetizing. The Smaato’s service unites 90 leading advertising networks and 25 DSPs to ensure delivering of the highest fill rathe and eCPMs to the customers. The easy integration with the inventory owners and the ad networks functions on the basis of open APIs and the wide range of SDKs.

The advertising service offered by Smaato is characterized in terms of numerous targeting capabilities and the wide-scale functionality. The platform for this service supports videos as well as rich media ads and also allows the users to run house ads as well as the advertisements that are self-sold.

The RTB exchange by Smaato provides the high level of visibility and is rather transparent for users. It also can contribute to the increase of the prices for high-value apps and the active website traffic. Through providing the service of advertisement network mediation and optimization, running in-house ads and selling own ads as well as the unification of the reported data within the single console.

More than 90,000 app developers and publishers are using the platform to promote their applications through over 450 ad networks in order to maximize the earned revenue. The service offers an option of choosing the partners for making deals and increasing the revenue. Besides, the company’s SPX demand stack enables the mediation of SDK networks one is working with with an opportunity of gaining the reports looking exactly as the customer needs.

Smaato offers their customers a variety of native advertising opportunities, VAST Video, banners, both interactive and expandable, as well as other standard ads units. Starting the cooperation with the service requires signing up for an account, watching an introductory video, adding the details of the app and identifying its place, choosing the variant for integration, and finally checking the site for ads.

Besides, the Smaato DSP Integration Portal enables and increases the pace in which an ad would be integrated into the system and in which it would gain more popularity. Before allowing the developer to join it, the system requires a testing to ensure that they are reliable and correspond to the requirements of the high-level service.

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