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Introduction to StartApp

StartApp is a platform developed for mobile advertising and monetization. They deal with the problems that the developers might face while making attempts to generate the desired revenue and with the distribution of applications. Through their idea of “Bubbles” allowing a mini-version of an application for marketing aims, they offer personalized and relevant mobile experience and earn a considerable number of downloads worldwide.

StartApp Stats

Founded in: 2010

Employee count: 51-200 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



StartApp Information for Advertisers

StartApp allows its customers to reach a wide range of unique users around the world. To the advertisers, they offer completely non-incentivized traffic and targeting abilities to reach the desired audience. Through interstitials, 3D app walls, overlays, native ads, and banners, they offer the possibilities to increase the presence in app stores and promote the products.

StartApp Information for Publishers (Developers)

StartApp offers unique ad units that would fit the application properties. Their SDK offers the possibility to choose from a variety of sizes so that they could fit to any space in an app. The provided ads are said to be interactive and promote engagement. The service works with the most popular games and applications to increase the users’ chances of getting higher benefits. Their ads include Interstitial Ads, 3D AppWall, and Overlay as well as native ads and banners.

StartApp Account Help

Contact: [email protected]
Knowledge Base URL:

StartApp Carrers


In StartApp, the developed corporate culture values the ideas and the contribution made by every single employee. They are focused on the cooperation, professionalism, and commitment of the hired people to enhance the highest results. They offer the workers opportunities for skills development and work-life balance for the effort that the employees devote to the company processes.

StartApp Editor’s

Startapp is one of the most discussed startups in the industry of Android mobile advertising. It started providing its services to the users relatively recently, but it has already gained a solid share of the apps that are present in Google Play Store.

The growing popularity of the service is having place due to its powerful strategies of growing, monetizing, and engaging. The driven by data and intelligence processes in the company enable it to introduce innovation and to come to the foreground.

The service can provide both installs or direct at the precise targets for the promotion of the ad messages, through the billion-profile level. Aside, for the increased revenue through monetization, the apps can have the acquisition campaigns directed at the promotion of other applications. They work with the so-called SODA Bubbles, which are mini versions of an application that is elegantly integrated in another app, so that the customers get better experience and have their needs met.

The integration of Startapp in an app can happen using the Startapp SDK, which is easy to use. In this situation, there are no bannaer ads and there is no need to edit any part of an app apart from the minor changes to the Java nature of the application. The integration can be either partial or full, and everything here depends on the requirements of the customer. Besides the two integration methods that were mentined before, Startapp has recently introduced the Exit ads. This type includes full-screen ads that appear after the user exits the game or an application. This ads type is integrated in an app separately and uses the Exit ad SDK.

Keeping the needs of the users in mind, the Startapp has developed a new way of integratig the advertisements in an app. In their system, the advertisement stays out of an app, and the app stays free of ads. Besides, the customers are delivered total control over the ads that are showed to the users. Respectively, they can easily turn off a definite type of advertisement while still continuing to use the other kinds of ads that are offered.

The nature of Startapp ads enables the users to combine the particular service with the services that offer built-in advertisements. The offered by Startapp advertising strategy is clear and transparent, and provides the customers with the increased chances for getting the high revenue and gaining the most positive user experience while using the tools suggested by the Startapp.

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