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Introduction to Supersonic

Supersonic uses the advanced technology to enhance the chances of developers for building and growing their business. This is a global company working with world’s top developers and advertisers. The Supersonic company offers its clients the service of increasing the revenues of the developers and finding the most appropriate users for their applications.

Supersonic Stats

Homepage Supersonic:

Founded in: 2009

Employee count: 201-500 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



Supersonic Information for Advertisers

The platform helps the developers and app owners to effectively engage new users. They use Advanced Targeting Technology to bring in the users of the highest quality. One only should select the target audience, and through the publishers the company will deliver the ads that will drive downloads and increase the amount of users. There is also a possibility to leverage a range of ad formats. It also allows to track the user segments.

Supersonic Information for Publishers (Developers)

Supersonic offers the maximization of the revenue through a unified SDK for video, interstitial, offerwall and mediation. The high quality ads would help the monetizers to engage users and enhance revenue with the highest eCPM. Working with the various mobile platforms including Android and iOS allows the increase the chances for the high revenue. The system works by promoting videos from top brands, cross-promotion and house campaigns, delivering interstitials, or serving offers.

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Tel Aviv Office – Tel: +972 (0)77 7165 023, Fax: +972 (0)77 3442 538; San Francisco Office – Tel: +1 650 825 6010; London Office – Tel: +44 (0) 20 3727 6950

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Supersonic Careers


They have a strategic focus on developing the best technology so that their policies is based on clear and open communication and no office politics. The company is result-oriented and boost creativity and innovation. One of their principles is that there is always something to learn so that their employees are valuing respect and trust.

Supersonic Review

The Supersonic global ad platform offers advertising and monetization opportunities across the applications of social entertainment through the web and mobile platforms. They provide support primarily to the users of Android and iOS platforms, but they also work with other mobile internet based and games platforms. Their customizable platform provides the brands and agencies with a possibility to direct their efforts at the key audience.

They also offer the consumers to get virtual currency earnings and assist the customers by achieving the high levels of SPMs and get the respective monetized reward. The platform works within the scope of more than 500 million users around the world. The company delivers its service to the world-famous brands like Citroen, Dove, Sony Pivtures, M&M’s, Adidas, Intel, and M&S, among others. While working with the most popular advertisers and creating the most effective campaigns for the leading brands, Supersonic also gives access to a self-serve platform for the developers of the smaller popularity to promote their mobile apps and monetize then while having a complete control over the active campaign.

Their SDK supports mobile videos, mediation of video ads, interstitials ads and the Offerwall to ensure the highest results for advertizers and monetizers. With the high fill rates, the company provides good opportunities for those who would like to earn as well as for those who would like to promote their products.

The variety of offered advertisement formats, the company delivers an opportunity to increase the presence of the app and to attract new users. Working with the top world’s developers, Supersonic tends to provide access to the right audience so that the right users would be able to discover the promoted applications. As many other companies in the field, Supersonic offers the customers an advanced targeting technology aimed at the high user engagement and the best ROI.

This is possible by aiming at the user audience based on the number of factors, including age, gender, and interests, among others, and at the most relevant moment, so that the app users would not notice the fact of its appearance. Thus, in terms of the target driven mobile and social web promotion, with the possibility for the developers to engage in video campaigns, and the easy access to target audience, the Supersonic platform offers one of the best solutions for monetizers and for advertisers all over the world.

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