Tapjoy Review

Introduction to Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a platform for advertisements and mobile apps promotion that lets its users optimize the revenue that they gain working as a Mobile Marketing Automation Platform. Due to the use of predictive analytics, the platform allows its users to gain additional revenue from the large audience of the ones who do not spend. Their automated system for mobile marketing helps send timely messages and is said to increase the revenues.

Tapjoy Stats

Homepage Tapjoy: https://tapjoy.com

Founded in: 2007

Employee count: 201-500 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tapjoy

Profiles: https://www.facebook.com/Tapjoy





Tapjoy Information for Advertisers

Tapjoy provides reward to the audience for their interest and engagement. Tapjoy can participate in the development of awareness, promoting leads, and finding new users for applications, among others. They cooperate with the partners to transform the web-experience and adjust it to mobile. They can help to create an ad, promote the contact with the customer support as well as the options of pay-per-install or pay-per-engagement.

Tapjoy Information for Publishers (Developers)

The platform offers the special and customizable service that would fit the needs of a developer. The main concern is centered around the personalization of the monetization experience. Their team developed a user-level segmentation technology that is said to show the appropriate content to the appropriate users and enhance the revenue. They cooperate with leading ad mediators to provide for the complete monetization.

Tapjoy Account Help

Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

Knowledge Base URL: http://dev.tapjoy.com/faq/

Tapjoy Careers


The company has already developed and become an influential actor, but they still keep a spirit of a startup. They encourage the employees to develop their entrepreneurial mindset. They offer numerous benefits, such as paid time-off and exchange programs. With their offices in several locations, the company also looks for workers from different cultural contexts.

Editor’s Tapjoy Review

Tapjoy is an advertisment system presented by a usual banner advertising with a range of standard formats. It can also offer its customers to display the full-screen banners and video advertising. The most interesting feature for advertisers, is, however, Offer Wall. It might help the user to earn the inside money in an app or some other bonuses just by performing the tasks that are placed on the wall.

The mentioned tasks are usually connected with installing an application, for example. For advertisers, Tapjoy offers paid installs with the minimal cost of $0.1. They also provide a possibility to promote an app with the help of a video or engagement payment. This means that the user should perform some kinds of actions to get the reward.

The Tapjoy service uses the automated push notifications, announcements, and custom in-app engagement formats to ensure the most effective advertising campaigns. In cooperation with the top ad mediators, the company has an opportunity to satisfy the requirements of the mobile monetizers and provide them with a chance to enhance their revenue.

The Tapjoy service can be proud of their Predictive Analytics that identify the users who pay and the ones who will never pay. This technology is based on custom cohort analysis, real-time reports, IAP analysis, and cohort analysis to ensure that the behaviors of the users are considered. With over 10,000 active apps and more than one billion total app downloads, Tapjoy is a trusted mobile advertising services provider.

The developed by them sophisticated technology of user-level segmentation allows them to target the right users and provide them with the right content. Professional Tapjoy’s team is involved in the creation of highly personalized advertisements that appeal to the users and tend to engage them in trying your products. In addition, their demand and ad products create the industry-leading eCPM, ensuring the high level of revenue to the developers and publishers and good results to the advertisers.

In order to contact the support and ask some questions, the customers can use the form offered on the website or write an e-mail to the support department and get an answer to the question. On the customer service page that is available through Contact Us option, the clients can also find the questions to the most relevant questions.

All in all, the company offers its users positive and effective experience of app promotion and monetization and keeps the leading position in the market of mobile marketing.

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