Top App Install Networks 2017 – Best Destinations to Buy Installs Review

Mobile app advertising and marketing delivers several basic strategies and models. Every model comes with a set of specific features and factors that define its operation for a marketer or media buyer. Even if you are not an experienced mobile app advertiser, you have certainly heard about such models as CPM, CPC, CPI and CPA. They deal with charges established by ad campaigns and let publishers earn from clicks, installs and completed actions performed by real users. It means that if you want to buy app installs, you pay only for real purchases.

The rules are very simple. For example, if you opt for CPM model, you will be charged for every 1,000-ad impressions also known as miles. CPC models charge advertisers in case of users’ clicks on a promoting app, while CPI is actually a pay-per-install model that appears to be the most efficient at the moment alongside the CPA model where an advertiser is charged for a completed action only.

If you are still looking for a trustworthy and reliable network where you are free to buy mobile app installs, you will be glad to know that a growing number of CPI-based platforms appear today. They appear to be major contributors when it comes to boosting mobile ad revenues and exposure. The niche is believed to have an extremely huge potential featuring up to $7 billion ad revenues expected by 2019.

We decided to save your time introducing a list of some major CPI-based networks. Some of them also implement CPC and CPM models, which is rather a plus. Whether you need to buy Android installs or opt for other promotion strategies, here you will find the one to suit your preferences and needs.



CPIMobi is an Android-based mobile ad network that comes with a wide range of promotion opportunities. CPI model is the main specialization of the platform that delivers organic traffic and real installs. Although founded in 2014, the network has already made a name for itself featuring millions of new apps available on the marketplace. Key features include:

  • – CPI-based network;
  • – Over 200 countries covered across the globe;
  • – In-House Tracking;
  • – Apps for Android only.




Hailing from San Francisco, US, this network can boast over 40,000 apps registered and available for promotion. The key features include:

  • – Miip digital platform with thousands of apps;
  • – Huge app discovery opportunities;
  • – Applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.




Yeahmobi is a good example of CPA-based platform where advertisers are charged for a completed action. Founded in China, the network can boast over 15 years of experience providing efficient marketing and promoting strategies including CPI, CPA and CPM models. Key features include:

  • – In-House Tracking Solutions;
  • – CPI & CPI bidding;
  • – Apps for iOS and Android.