Top Mobile Ad Servers Review

A growing number of ad networks may seem to be a challenge when choosing the right one as your permanent partner. On the other hand, you can now take the advantage of mobile ad mediation technologies making it possible to use various ad serving platforms at the same time. Such situation results in a high level of competition between networks forcing them to offer higher revenues at maximum users’ impression. At the same time, it is much better to use various networks with a single SDK rather than running numerous SDK integrations.

Advertisers have always been in priority for the digital industry representatives if compared with publishers and content owners. However, the situation seems to change a bit over the last few years with the implementation of new technologies like RTB. Using real-time bidding is a better alternative that makes it easy for developers to fill the inventory independently from the global sales force. At the same time, the mobile ad industry has changed its priorities and started meeting publishers’ needs as well providing real-time auction based selling in the face of programmatic ad mediation.

What Are The Best Ad Servers?

When choosing among top ad servers, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the availability of real-time bidding functions. The idea is to provide a fully open access to the functionality for publisher inventories linked to the buying market. The mission here is to come up with the highest value of every impression in particular. Ad servers are aimed at eliminating the slightest sign of inefficiency when using several ad partners at the same time. In other words, publishers can benefit from the automated access to all necessary sources.

Such approach results in the new tendency when mobile ad serving platforms deliver their own networks. In other words, you do not have to look for a perfect marketplace. It will be combined with your mobile ad server as well as add your favorite platform. However, such strategy is not yet developed enough. We do hope some leading mobile ad servers will add this function in the nearest future.

Choosing the right server is not an easy task. You need to consider some vital features and criteria. They include:

  • The availability of their own SDK;
  • The availability of private auctions and real-time bidding;
  • The level of costs;
  • Supported ad unit format;
  • Access to optimization and marketing strategies;
  • The ability to control the running strategy.

Leading Ad Networks

The network was designed specially for mobile applications. Launched in 2006, it can boast advanced technologies letting both advertisers and publishers handle various tasks including promotion and monetization of both mobile apps and websites. The platform provides and expanded version of its mediation services that covers 40+ partners including some of the biggest names in the digital ad industry. The most recognizable mediation partners include Facebook, Twitter, Tencent GDT and some other names from across the globe including the Chinese market.

Here are some fundamental AdMob features you may take the advantage of:

  • Beta version native ads;
  • Network optimization;
  • App cross-promotion;
  • Technology to monetize your apps as intelligently as possible;
  • Available for all leading mobile platform as well as for Unity and some less recognizable platforms.

Smaato is another great alternative for those looking for a reputable and reliable advertising network featuring real-time bidding and other beneficiary technologies for both publishers and advertisers. The platform debuted in 2005 and is considered to be among veterans in the niche. Opting for this network means accessing the world’s hugest ad exchange and the ability to choose from a long list of networks.

He key Smaato features include private market, real-time ad network featuring global coverage and more.