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Introduction to TrialPay

TrialPay is a service developed as an alternative payment platform platform providing for large number of users a chance to interact with leading brands. They have developed an alternative payment method that functions for thousands of web and mobile apps. As a part of Visa since 2015, the service uses innovations to increase the possible revenues and promote sales and engagement.

TrialPay Stats

Homepage TrialPay:

Founded in: 2006

Employee count: 51-200 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



TrialPay Information for Advertisers

TrialPay has developed a network of top web and mobile publishers to enhance the advertising potential. The advertisers are offered a variety of native, opt-in placements that enable an advertiser to direct the target audience for engagement. The platform works through diversified channels to ensure the highest results. They involve their expert managers in the creation of campaigns while the advertisers pay for performance.

TrialPay Information for Publishers (Developers)

TrialPay solutions offer an opportunity of enhancing the earned revenue through a positive user experience. They offer a range of Evergreen SDK or Native Offers API with a variety of opt-in and native placements that would help the developer to keep users interested and engaged. There is an opportunity for the developers to choose the most appropriate for them ad options and to customize the ads design.

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TrialPay Careers


TrialPay is interested in hiring talented people and encouraging them to develop their potential. They are expecting their employees to bring in new ideas and to contribute to the development of the company’s image. They appreciate people who build their products or deliver them to the market. The company offers its workers a range of benefits, including competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits while expecting from their workers the high level of commitment.

Editor’s TrialPay Review

TrialPay is an alternative payment system that delivers free options for the customers in exchange for trying or installing the other products. Their activities are aimed at making the transactions more valuable. Their value-exchange platform provides an opportunity for engagement with the famous brands while using it as an alternative payment method through different platforms as well as mobile and web applications.

In 2015, the system was acquired by Visa, and till now it is promoting the revolutionary approach within e-commerce and has evolved in the technology that reduces the gap between the online behaviors and the conducted transactions. Nowadays, TrialPay is a successful and trusted partner in cases connected with the promotion of industry leaders, helping them to increase sales and to stimulate engagement.

Having around 600 million users around the world and delivering the services to 20,000 publishers in 180 countries and with 6 different mobile platforms, the TrialPay innovative approach has proved to be a positive idea.

The monetization solutions offered by TrialPay are based on the offered variety of opt-in and native placements. This is possible to accomplish through either their Evergreen SDK or Native Offers API. They are said to keep the users engaged and the integration of the ads into an application not obsessive. Offering a range of possibilities, starting with the offer gallery, the TrialPay is able to provide native and engaging advertisements that would continue engaging the users and helping to have them come back.

For advertisers, the company offers a diversified network of Facebook, web, and mobile publishers working with which would promote the products in an effective and efficient way. The company offers its customers a possibility to create and develop a thoroughly thorough campaign through the managerial solutions. At the same time, the payment is required based on the action and performance.

The TrialPay offers promotion through videos and through the card-linked sysem which is based on proprietary offer technology, providing rewards to the users for making purchases every day, for example, drinking a cup of coffee on their way to work.

In case of any questions, it is possible to contact the TrialPay through the contact form on the site. They also have an opportunity of sending the customer a link for instant connection with the customer support.

All in all, the service provided by the TrialPay is based on innovation, and this enables it to provide the good experience to the users and stay among the most widely used services of the same kind.

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