Vungle Review

Introduction to Vungle

Vungle is a top marketing performance network for mobile startups and stable businesses searching for most valuable organic users. Their mission is to increase your ROI.  The top advertisers of the world depend on that company’s in-app ads, LTV and creative improvement technologies in order to increase involvement and conversion among the target users throughout the world.

As is seen from Vungle review there are loyal partners among top publishers and they create best mobile-app business together.  Their involving video ads increase user experience and convert at high rates allowing the publishers getting higher profit.

Vungle Stats

Homepage Vungle:

Founded in: 2011

Employee count: 50-200 


Vungle Information for Advertisers

Vungle reviews show that the top customers rely on them.  Acquiring installs is not enough anymore. The Vungle best growth managers optimize ad and marketing campaigns constantly in order to reach top quality consumers who are quite likely to involve with the brands. Vungle reputation and reviews show that they connect with these users quite successfully.

Their own LTV optimization technologies target top quality organic users. The customers get clear consumer acquisition reported by the Vungle third party data integration.

Vungle reviews show that they offer first party supplies in the top apps in order to get unique users globally.

Their own unique ad-serving schemes display ads to target users. They are selected by settings, device type, language, apps, city, country and other parameters.

The vendors are enabled to control their ad experience, i.e. resolution, video format, length etc.

The vendors obtain first party, direct access to the top apps of the world and reach millions of users all over the world exactly at the moment they are most likely to involve.

Vungle Information for Publishers

Vungle in-app ads and unique innovative patterns are created to combine with the consumer experience. Their ads perfom better and help grow the mobile business.

As the Vungle review shows they are really proud of their track record which helps publishers getting higher profit. Moreover, some of the consumers noticed 10 x monetization growth!

They are actually an infrastructure for in-app video ads and their SDK allows getting highest profit from the app with top quality video ads.

Vungle Account Help

To contact Vungle use contact form

Vungle FAQ: for publishers and advertisers

Vungle Review

They are mobile video leaders and top performance platform for advertisers of the apps. They confirmed to deliver top value consumers via disposing video ads.

The advertisers really depend on their creative optimization technologies, as well as on HD video ad delivery and targeting in order to get to quality organic users throughout the entire world. Top publishers also rely on them in order to get more profit with their engaging video ads.

Over 40, 000 mobile apps of the world trust Vungle, as well as top vendors as SEGA, Outfit 7, Supercell and Miniclip.

They serve over 2,5 billion video views pro month in more than 500 devices. They are ranked as #1 cross platform. Thomvest Ventures, Crosslink Capital and Google Ventures maintain the company.

The Vungle headquarter is located in San Francisco but has offices in Berlin, London, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing.

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