Woobi Review

Introduction to Woobi

Woobi has three operational divisions, they are video ads, media solutions and games and apps.  They offer SSP and RTB, i.e. programmatic video ads, video diffusion, media management along with users’ acquisition and app monetization.

They are partners with leading companies and brands, as long as with agencies and advertisers; they won lots of awards for their work.

They enable innovative native placements, unique targeting and top optimization tools.

Advertisers and brands get access to 100 Million of organic users in more than 130 countries.

Woobi Stats

Website: www.woobi.com/

Founded in: 2008

Employee count: 50- 200 






Woobi Information for Advertisers

There are over 2, 2 billion gamers throughout the world of different gender and age and Woobi gives you a warranty that exactly your target audience is playing your games.

According to Woobi review their in-game ad platform allows you to access games and the track record illustrates quality, range of brand engagement and the scalability.

The programmatic video platform increases the visibility rates to 95% and more.

Woobi guarantees accurate targeting while working with world largest agencies and advertisers.

They have not only their own unique invention and cooperate with the world’s largest in-game SSP’s, but also they provide the customers with an access to premium invention via gaming ecosystem, desktop and mobile- and in-app web.

They give a warranty of increasing your ROI efficiently and at the same time they keep your brand safe.

Woobi review ensures that the combination of RTB and DMA (Dynamic Mindset Advertising) allows you to reach the target audience at the right moment and in the right way.

Woobi Information for Publishers

Woobi reviews confirm that they provide developers with enlarging user database, getting higher profit, increasing customer life-time value and quality.

The customers get control from the very beginning over their investments within their apps.

Woobi unique technology enables them to determine whether the user us in an acquisitive mindset to involve into an ad before displaying it. As a result you get impeccable gameplay experience along with increasing user duration within the game and monetizing non-paying users.

As is seen from Woobi review their user attainment solutions are developed in order to get organic users for your apps and permanently optimize it to the KPI of the next level. You achieve prompt user acquisition and are aware of the market, visibility and store ranking.

The customer is able to track and optimize all the campaign in order to get efficiently better results for the same budget.

The campaign is to be launched quickly and effectively.

Woobi Account Help

To contact Woobi use the contact form

Careers at Woobi

That in-game ad company believes it should be fun and it’s up to user to be engaged and they work hard to create ads each of the users would enjoy.

Their team strives for real professionalism and excellent performance.

They appreciate partnership and friendship and works hard for it to last long. They are delighted with innovation, integrity, excellent performance and creativity.

Woobi Review

Woobi team is dedicated to provide their users with the best ad experience; they engage a user within a gameplay for as long as possible.

The developers get a chance of maximum monetization from non-paying users and of stable long-period profit stream.

Their wide ads solutions are based on their unique prominent DMA technology, i.e. each user is identified in the exact moment within the gameplay for him to be engaged into the right ad content.

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