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Introduction to Yeahmobi

Yeahmobi presents an intelligent platform for mobile advertisements. Its main task is helping the applications to grow, to gain more users, and to monetize their inventories. Basing on the technology, innovation, and data, the platform managed to accomplish the internationalization of the Chinese applications. They function in the spheres of cross-border ecommerce and internet finance, being present in more than 200 countries and regions.

Yeahmobi Stats

Homepage Yeahmobi:

Founded in: 2011

Employee count: 201-500 employees as of April 11 according to LinkedIn



Yeahmobi Information for Advertisers

The offered by Yeahmobi result-oriented advertising helps to increase one’s active user base in the target market. The native advertisements allow to involve engaged users due to special ad placement. The service works on the optimization of advertisement placing so that enhance access. The company also customizes ad formats for the improvement of response rates and matches the campaign with right sources to increase the results.

Yeahmobi Information for Publishers (Developers)

Yeahmobi allows the developers to get payments through the global campaigns in over 180 countries. The integration of the Yeahmobi native ads formats into the apps results in the monetization of inventory. The optimization algorithm ensures the maximum eCPM. Their SDK or API integrations create possibilities for the rich fill-rates worldwide.

Yeahmobi Account Help

Contact: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Knowledge Base URL:

Yeahmobi Careers


Yeahmobi looks for people who demand equality and can achieve high results. They offer jobs in Business promotion & development and provide opportunities to realize one’s skills in the role of account managers. They are ready to work with people with good communication skills and able to learn new things. They also offer their employees opportunities for going on business trips.

Editor’s Yeahmobi Review

YeahMobi is a leading performance based network for mobile marketing. Being based in Arizona, the network has gained global recognition and delivers its services to the developers and advertisers from all over the globe. In their activities, YeahMobi is aimed at the fast growing group of mobile Internet users.

YeahMobi offers its service to the developers and publishers who own a mobile website, iOS or Android App, or are involved in the mobile traffic. Their technology allows them to bring the app developers and advertisers from all over the world and to make their cooperation to the highest extent beneficial for all of the interested parties.

The unique promotion system and the channels that the company has access to, they were able to reduce the costs and to increase the revenue earned by their customers. Working in more than 200 regions and with over 90,000 monthly activations and over 500 direct advertisers, the company ensures the high results for its customers by the choice of CPI, CPA as well as CPS models. Their developing Proprietary Technology for Native Mobile Advertising provides the customers with customizable launch engine, contextualization and match engine that ensures that the ad is fitting in with an app, cross-platform support and the capabilities for retargeting and re-engagement.

To the advertiser, the offer native ads that smoothly integrate, global performance network, and social media search and the involvement of social media marketing specialists and creative teams to ensure the provision of the most effective campaigns that would bring the highest results.

For developers, the company offers a chance to monetize their inventory through the inclusion of native advertisements of different formats. The company is concerned about the quality of the service that they deliver, and professional account managers tend to provide help to the customers and find the solutions that would match the preferences of the customer.

In case of any questions, it is possible to contact one of the company’s offices and get answers to the questions in which a person is interested. Offering the global coverage and the functioning on a large scale with the personalized optimization approach as well as the opportunities for inventory monetization, the YeahMobi is one of the leading experts in the field of mobile marketing and provides to its customers the services of respective quality.

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