App Promotion Companies Reviews

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One will hardly provide you with a secret formula of successful app promotion. However, there are still some things to consider when implementing an efficient strategy. Hope you will find those tips useful.

First tip on Android App Promotion

Creating an award-winning application is only the first step to success. Planning is vital as well as when it comes to introducing and promoting your product. Otherwise, it will get lost in the sea of other apps launched daily. Proceed with the most accurate market research and analysis the niche indicating the most efficient media sources for your further promotion considering countries and marketplaces available there. You can opt for a professional PR support in case of necessity.

Second tip on Android App Promotion

Try some of the most reputable touch points to attract as many users as possible. Opting for traditional communication methods is always good. Start your introduction with a good landing page or website, launch a blog or use billing statements that have also proved to be rather efficient for promotion. Old school methods can still come in handy. Design business and invitation cards featuring QR codes and direct links. Spending thousands of dollars on various innovative media promotions does not always mean success.

Third tip on Android App Promotion

In spite of numerous online messengers that we use today, phone is still one of those magic communications tools that take you directly to the end user. Send messages featuring URLs and QR codes; use various media platforms ranging from television to billboards.

The key to success is to understand your customers. For this reason, you need to track their behavior and stress the most interesting aspects for users. Guerilla marketing is still on the go. Cooperate with other websites and online media platforms that will enable an efficient app promotion as well.

Fourth tip on Android App Promotion

The toughest challenge is to bring your product to target users. As soon as you indicate your main objectives and customers’ categories, proceed with analyzing all possible segments. Such deep research will let you approve or disapprove of a chosen niche faster that direct mailing.

The best way is to create structured blocks of all potential users ranging by various key aspects. Those aspects should depend on the main idea of your app. For instance, you are about to introduce a new mobile messenger. In this case, your target customers include 4G and Wi-Fi users. Consider these features when making a final impact to make customers download your app.

Fifth tip on Android App Promotion

Some of your friends and relatives may not even know about what you are doing. Use as many social channels as possible and share the information on your product via Facebook, Twitter and more. Create tips using Foursquare and target locations that refer to your application. “Tell-a-friend” feature will inevitably turn your user into side promoters.

Sixth tip on Android App Promotion

Establish efficient collaboration with other app builders. Use their websites and contribute to their blogs sharing links to your own application. Finding a reliable partner in the same or relative niche will certainly come in handy.

ASO strategies are becoming more popular as they help to improve your positions in a particular web store. Optimize your icons, titles and descriptions and get your first place on the digital shelf.

The global competition in the app market is growing rapidly. You have little time to put your prize-winning app on the home screens of end user. That is why it is vital to keep in touch with your audience offering new innovative ways for promotion.