ayeT-Studios Review

Introduction to ayeT-Studios

ayeT-Studios is a recently established company primarily specialized on the promotion and advertising as well as software development. The company aims at providing support to individual developers and helping them to correspond to the high standards of competition. ayeT-Studios offers the self-service to their customers, which is said to bring success and high revenues.

ayeT-Studios Stats

Homepage ayeT-Studios: http://ayetstudios.com

Founded in: 2013

Employee count:

Profiles: https://www.facebook.com/ayeT-Studios-1727443234143558/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayeTstudios

ayeT-Studios Information for Advertisers

For the promotion of an app or its advertising, the ayeT-Studios offers an easy way. They recognize the need of their users to run the advertising campaigns on their own, so that they work on the provision of self-service advertising. Besides, they offer the users thousands of unique installs per day through their advertising network.

ayeT-Studios Information for Publishers (Developers)

For monetizers, the ayeT-Studios offers a possibility to sign up as an affiliate and monetize site visitors. Their incentive of incentivized users allows to earn by simply installing apps or promoting the installations through one’s network. The service that the platform offers is safe and not complicated. The idea behind the incentivized users drawing is increasing ranking in the Google Play charts and improving relevance, which is a way of earning more.

ayeT-Studios Account Help

Contact: [email protected] 

Skype: ayet-studios (chat widget on the site)

Editor’s ayeT-Studios Review

The ayeT-Studios service provides the customers with the possibility to promote the apps and reach higher rankings in Google Play. They offer the users to increase the visibility of their applications in Google Play Market so that to ensure higher results and attract more users. They provide the customers with the incentivized installs from users coming from different countries.

The company is said to be able to provide thousands of unique installs per day. The promotion of the apps is based on the CPI basis. One of the advantages of this service might be the absent necessity to install the SDK. For their users, the service has developed an option of High Retention Campaigns that combine the traditional advertising with the incentivized installs, which is said to be more effective than the simple involvement of incentivized installations. Within this campaign, the users would keep an app installed for at least 3 days.

The company works with tokens, where a token is one unique app installations worldwide. In order to create a campaign, it is necessary for the customers to buy a package of tokens in the account, and then proceed.

The company’s site also offers a price calculator, enabling the client to estimate approximately how much would it cost to him to order a campaign. The company functions worldwide, still the focus is made on the US and Germany, where trafficking is reasonably high. Respectively, that targeting an audience in another country might not appear as fast as one might like it. As for the security concerns that might arise resulting from the payment issues, the service works with a safe and automated PayPal billing system.

Having been founded in 2013, the company is still young, but it already shows positive results. They deliver substantial attention to the needs of their customers, and have developed an advanced self-service platform. With the dashboard created by the service, the customers are able to run and analyze the results of their campaigns in a single place.

The site of the company offers support to its users in terms of easy contacting the advertiser support. They are available via Skype, mail, and in the real-time regime through the live chat. For already existing users, the company offers a support section in their account to solve the most popular cases and issues.

In overall, the service offers a good service, still there is a chance that the retention would not be as desired. This, however, depends already not on the quality of the service, but rather on the characteristics of the promoted application itself.

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