Fyber Review

Introduction to Fyber

Fyber uses technologies to provide connection between app developers and advertisers. The company works with different devices and different platforms. Their products, including SSP, Ad Server as well as Exchange and Mediation products provide thousands of developers with an opportunity to generate revenue with the involvement of more than 500,000 users around the globe.

Fyber Stats

Homepage Fyber: http://www.fyber.com

Founded in: 2009

Employee count: 290+

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fyber

Profiles: https://twitter.com/fyber


Fyber Information for Advertisers

The Fyber platform offers the advertisers access to around half a billion of engaged users. The premium publishers network that the service offers provides advertisers with the integrated possibilities for audience engaging. Fyber’s mobile and desktop involvement covers entertainment and news as well as gaming and technology. Cross-platform capabilities offer a way to reach the global target audience through video, interstitial, performance, and user acquisition campaigns.

Fyber Information for Publishers (Developers)

Fyber’s mediation service allows app developers to maximize revenue through removing barriers to work with any ad network. Their platform provides a combination of integration, management, and optimization of ad networks. The service offers opportunities for monetization enhancement through ad campaigns from global brands. At the same time, the whole monetization process is controlled by the users with the possibility of the experts’ guidance.

Fyber Account Help

Contact: http://www.fyber.com/supply-side-platform-ad-networks.html

Knowledge Base URL: http://developer.fyber.com/content/

Fyber Careers

Fyber: http://www.fyber.com/careers.html

At Fyber, the company members believe in the power of free apps and the impact of advertising. They work together to introduce the tools that would bring benefits to app developers. Their teams work with technology, business, and operations. They place value on people who want to grow and challenge themselves, improving the experience of working in Fyber.

Fyber Editor’s

Fyber is one of the leading advertising companies that encourage the developers to participate in the realization of monetization strategies and provides outstanding opportunities of advertising for their partners. The platform provides opportunities for the customers to manage and optimize the integrated revenue sources through exchange, mediation, and ad serving. The platform is a place where app developers and media companies with different advertisement demands come together and get connected.

The company is able to serve around 150 million users per month, and they cooperate with the leading developers and publishers as well as advertisers in the market. The company offers a flexible and reliable technology that is based on the aspects of different ad formats, the effective ways of mediation and exchange, and functions so that those processes were performed in the best way possible. One of the company’s benefits that positively influence the performance is the accessibility across different platforms and devices.

The range of company’s products, including SSP, Ad Server, Mediation and Exchange products, ensure that the leading publishers and developers generate the highest revenue and develop their businesses. The SSP capabilities, including video as well as display and mobile ads, allow to monetize across different audiences.

The developers with which the Fyber has established stable and long-lasting business relations include DeNA and Glu Mobile, PikPok and Pixelberry Studios, as well as Kik and Kongregate, among others. With the programmatic selling, it is possible for the customers to manage the relationship with one’s partners in real-time regime and on the fly, enhancing the selling capabilities through the online technologies.

In addition, the Fyber company has created a thorough analytics and reporting tool that would provide the cusomers with the opportunities for utilization across the demand sources. Besides, the Fybre company offers the possibility of tailor-made monetization platform that would correspond to the personal preferences of the customer so that it would deliver the best mobile marketing experience and would have a user-friendly interface.

The company also offers the opportunity to get a personal enterprise monetarization manager who would help to develop a successful monetization strategy or the advertising campaign, monitor the results of the work and to gain the maximum possible revenue from the activities.

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